Month: January 2017

DIY Hi-C Facial Serum

Additional Information: Known to many as the “botox plant”, hibiscus is rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s or Vitamin-C). These acids can gently exfoliate your skin while also encouraging the replacement of dead and dull skin cells, with new ones. Hibiscus also has anti-aging properties capable of soothing, smoothing, and firming the skin. These AHA’s not only […]


Additional Information: I know we usually talk about food around here, but today I want to talk about babies. More specifically, baby bottoms. Just a little segway from our normal topics of conversation.. no big deal. You probably know this (or maybe you’d just guess it from my other granola-mom-type interests), but my babies wear cloth […]

Rose Clay Foot Mask

Additional Information: Rose Clay Foot Mask Difficulty: Beginner Time: 10 minutes Yields: One 8 oz. jar The third step in our pampering home pedicure series is applying this thick, moisturizing foot mask. Featuring rose clay and kaolin clay, this mask purifies and detoxifies the skin as the avocado extract and vitamin E oil moisturize and nourish. For a […]

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