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Micro-Dermabrasion is done to beautify your physical appearance. Other types of facial electrotherapy include galvanic treatment, Microcurrent and radio frequency machine among others.

Micro-Dermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure in which the stratum corneum, the outermost dermis layer (consisting of dead cells) is fully or partially removed. It treats damage caused from sun rays, hyperpigmentation and reduces or removes scars. It is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure that uses a mechanical medium to exfoliate skin.

An abrasion tool removes skin while adjustable suction improves its efficacy.
Recovery from Micro-Dermabrasion takes very less time which can be as little as one or two days. With Micro-Dermabrasion, fine lines can be diminished, wrinkles can be reduced, and shallow acne scars can be treated. Just the removal of dead skin by this procedure ensures that the skin care products you use will penetrate by up to 50%.


What is the theory behind Micro-Dermabrasion?
According to the website Discovery Health, by removing or breaking the uppermost skin layer, the body is deluded into thinking that it is a mild injury. Our body takes immediate action to replace lost cells with new, healthy ones. In the next few hours after treatment, there might be swelling or redness. Since all of us are different, some may experience this condition for one hour while in some it may last for up to two days.

With the uppermost skin layer gone, an improved skin layer takes its place. Newer skin cells look smoother and give you a refreshed look. Visible imperfections like fine lines, blemishes and sun damage are also treated.
Stratum corneum acts as a barrier and with it, lotions and medicinal creams can more easily penetrate the skin, thus moisturizing it more. Your skin will have some moisture stripped away as a result of Micro-Dermabrasion and hence you will need to apply moisturizing creams.

Regular sessions of Micro-Dermabrasion can influence how deep skin layers are growing and can remove deep blemishes over time. A session takes from half an hour to an hour and a person can immediately carry out normal activities after taking a session from a dermatologist.

How is Micro-Dermabrasion dome?
It generally involves scraping the skin with the use of crystals or diamonds. A wand or brush gently scrapes the skin, which is followed by vacuuming the dead skin. After abrasion, vitamin enriched cream is applied on the face. The procedure is completed with the application of moisturizing cream, giving the face a fresher glow.

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