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When it comes to treat many skin flaws, you can take help of different kinds of chemical peels. Some peels are strong, while some are light. A medium peel also exists for specific treatment. Pumpkin peel belongs to the light group.

You can find different kinds of pumpkin peel preparations in the market, which contain enzymes that can do the job like the alpha hydroxyl acids. Alpha hydroxyl acids, AHAs, are a group of chemical peels that are very light in nature and work more superficially. This group is considered a safe and yet effective approach to treat many skin abnormalities of rather superficial nature. Pumpkin peel works more or less like the AHA group of peels.

In chemical peel industry, pumpkin peel is known as a powerhouse of food due to its rich content. It contains a plethora of nutrients and vitamins, it is high in beta-carotene and alpha carotene, and it is rich in vitamin A and C, and potassium. Not only it is considered a healthy food, but also it works wonderfully on the skin. Pumpkin peel is also found high in zinc content that is considered very good for the skin. It has antioxidant property that is known to fight free radicals.

Pumpkin peel is used to treat hyper-pigmentation, acne, wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Its best results are attributed to its rich content. Its highly beneficial contents like the vitamins and phyto-nutrients, helps it produce very good results.


Many people love to undergo a pumpkin peel treatment and you can hear numerous voices in favor of this peel. Moreover, pumpkin is also used by skin professionals and they are getting good results when they try it on their patients. However, the FDA doesn't seem to agree with those who talk in favor of pumpkin. Well, let's wait and watch what its stand will be in the near future. It seems that something is being miscalculated, which shows pumpkin ineffective in the eyes of the FDA. What you say about the countless satisfied users of pumpkin peel! They are in fact getting the desired results, where should we fit them?

Regular users of pumpkin peel advocate its benefits. The results they get indicate the pumpkin peel an ideal way to age management. It works well to deal with acne, aging signs, hyper-pigmentation, and other such skin flaws of superficial nature. The benefits of pumpkin peel include lightening of pigmentation, stimulation of collagen production, improvement of skin hydration, fading of wrinkles and fine lines, helping with existing acne, preventing new acne formation, toning up of the skin, etc. The skin becomes tight, pores reduced, inflammation gone, and more, the benefits of pumpkin peel are many. A person who undergoes a pumpkin peel treatment, find the difference once the treatment ends; the younger and healthier looking skin certainly deserves appreciation.

Those who go more for natural means to treat the possible diseases or abnormalities seem to vote heavily in favor of a pumpkin peel treatment to address many normal kinds of skin flaws. Each of its ingredients has its own significance and function accordingly.

Being a mild and natural peel, pumpkin peel isn't associated with any serious kinds of side effects. As long as you follow the peeling and post peeling instructions carefully, you won't have to worry about the side effects of a pumpkin peel treatment. As with any other chemical peel, no matter how light or harmless-looking it is, you have to exercise some caution since you are dealing with your face and other most visible parts of the body. Get as much information as possible about the peel before you proceed on your own.

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