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Well, it happens to all of us. One day we look in the mirror and we see sagging areas in our once firm skin. We ask ourselves, when did that happen and why? Of course, we all know that as we age our skin is going to look older. That youthful firmness and facial contour we held so dear, begins to disappear, and fine lines, wrinkles, sagging jowls, chin, and neck suddenly appear. Yikes!

The question is why and what is actually happening in the aging process that causes these changes? It's something called the loss of elasticity. Over time as we age, our elastin production reduces and environmental elements like free radicals break down and weaken our skin's elastin fibers. It's a war on our skin, and eventually, we lose the battle of keeping our youthful appearance, and our firm, wrinkle free skin.

The antiaging skin care industry, including plastic surgery, offers lots of ways to create the look of firm and wrinkle free skin, but not every way suits everyone. Many alternatives to removing wrinkles and restoring firm skin are very expensive, surgery being one of them, and not all surgeries and surgeons are created equal. Results vary radically. Unfortunately, the root of the problem, the loss of elasticity, is not addressed with this or other approaches nor can these restore skin firmness at its basic level. Surgery simply pulls the skin smooth, and the wrinkles and sagging eventually return.


OK, so surgery doesn't cut it when it comes to solving the true problem-the loss of elasticity and free radical damage. And, there are countless products on the market that claim to firm the skin through plumping, deadening, or peeling the skin, but they are not long-term, root cause solutions-like surgery, they do not address the aging source, but only mask the problems.

However, there are some breakthroughs that are really solving the root problems. Scientists are now working at a genetic level, and through genetic research, have found that there is a gene that correlates to the aging of our skin.

Out of the many alternatives, there is a singular discovery of an antiaging ingredient that increases elastin and has been proven clinically to work dramatically in as little time as 1 week. So, if you could combine genetic science with a revolutionary ingredient to both isolate a gene related to sagging skin and increase elastin levels for firm skin, you'd have something pretty spectacular, wouldn't you? I'd say you had found a kind of “fountain of youth”.

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