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Who doesn't desire to look as if in 20's even in the 40's? It is a dream of every woman to look young always and spread the magic of her beauty everywhere, making men drool. Skin aging is a process that cannot be avoided, however, it can be controlled and delayed by using a few of the best anti-aging skin care products. Although the market is filled with a plethora of such products, picking the quality product is still a challenge.

Of all the products is one such ingredient that is known to have magical rejuvenating and repairing properties – Witch Hazel. It is derived from the bark and leaves of the witch hazel shrub. It is a popular natural ingredient known to have numerous skin clarifying properties. Find out below, how this natural magical ingredient helps in achieving a young, glowing and glamorous skin.

1. Reduces Pores – Having large pores on the skin causes the deposition of dirt and pollutants which further cases acne and blemishes. These, form the early signs of skin aging stealing the clean and clear glow. The witch hazel acts as an astringent that reduces the sizes of the pores and the oil production. Wiping the face with a cotton pad dipped in the magical ingredient, removes the dirt, oil deposited in the pores and, thereby, reduces the chance of acne and blemishes. Rather than spending big bucks on anti-aging solutions at later stages, it is best to include this wonder product as a part of the daily beauty regime.


2. Removes Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes – Witch Hazel has the natural property of reducing the discoloration around the eyes and the eye puffiness. Apply a cotton pad dipped in it on closed eyes and leave it for a few minutes. Repeat the procedure again to achieve bright eyes. Another effective method is to put used tea bags soaked in the wonder product over the eyes. Though, there are numerous anti-aging serum available for reducing the dark circles, this natural product works the best.

3. Add Hydration – No, it's not a bluff! Witch Hazel has proven moisturizing properties. Although it is not an oil or a cream, but its application keeps the skin hydrated and reducing the occurrence of dry patches. Dry skin is more prone to aging process. Thus, it is significant to maintain the moisture level of the skin for which, Witch Hazel, is the best natural product.

Apart from the above benefits, it also reduces other skin problems like sun burns, eczema, psoriasis, acne and other related problems.

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