Anti Aging Skin Cream

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For many friends, who pay a lot of attention to beauty, Vintamin-A acid did not strange to them, a few days ago, many tretinoin manufacturer even recommend Vintamin-A acid as a skin care products in the usual care products, its function is not only conditioning skin cuticle, but also can treat acne, dark spots, freckles. How did this fascinating things make people more beautiful and more youthful? Girls who love beauty please do not miss it..

The most important role of Vintamin-A acid is conditioning the skin keratin, second is to help metabolism and reorganization of epidermal cells, then develop for dermal tissue. Therefore, in addition to beautify the skin, it also has a curative effect on many skin diseases.

In the process of using Vintamin-A acid, the effect show up the most fastest and the most satisfactory is in the treatment of acne and pimples, it takes about six weeks. Second is make the skin smooth and delicate, need about more than two months. It is also used to treat dark spots, but want to efficacy time constant for more than three months, In addition, the appearance of fine lines and age spots is necessary to a year or so. So friends who want to improve their skin, need to have patience to use it.

The importance of using Vintamin-A acid: every night before you going to sleep, rub a thin layer to the affected area. Usually around the eyes, the nose on both sides, peeling itching side altercation relatively long time, but will continue to disappear slowly after the end of the treatment period, if satisfied, you can switch to use 2 to 3 times a week to maintain the effect. And if not, just continue to rub, and strict implementation of sunscreen. After use Vintamin-A acid do not combine with skin care products that contain alcohol, fragrance or calcareous stop.

While use Vintamin-A acid for Spots and aging, you can rub on a better moisturizing lotion or cream after rub it. It can avoid the discomfort brought by excessive peeling. Especially the skin is originally dry and rough, should be strengthen the moisture around the eyes and under the cheek maintenance.


The using process and reaction: the use of Vintamin-A acid after three days to a month, are likely to occur A acidic skin inflammation (such as: drying, peeling, redness, swelling, itching, etc.), the extent of each person is different. Most people occur from mild to middle, for about 1 to 2 weeks, that will slowly adapt and the symptoms disappeared.

Patients with spots in the early stages of using Vintamin-A acid, about 5% of people will become more black, but continue to use, it will be gradually fade in two months. Periorbital skin is relatively fragile, easy to rough and dry eyes bleak. Vintamin-A acid is a very effective skin horny conditioner, rub in periorbital skin every night, there will be an unexpected effect. The initial use cuticle refresh, so they will make the periorbital wrinkles more obvious, need about 3 to 7 days to adapt to.

The peeling phenomenon of A acidic dermatitis is the process of cuticle re-adjust, one of the steps to make the skin smooth and delicate. The peeling phenomenon usually lasts 2 to 6 weeks, and then disappear naturally. Do not over-knead or forcibly torn off dander or it will stimulate cuticle adjusted again and re-stripping, thus prolonging the reaction of A acidic dermatitis. Meanwhile, steam the face, do face, wash your face with warm water or in the heat of the environment, are easy to make peeling the skin redness phenomenon become more serious.

Correct perception of Vintamin-A acid: long-term use of Vintamin-A acid, not only will not reduce the skin's resistance to thinning of the skin, it will thicken the skin, the epidermis and dermis layer structure to make it more flexible and dynamic, so the physician will use it to treat skin aging. Users will feel the thinning of the skin, it is because the cuticle regular arrangement of flat and smooth. And feel the skin's resistance to deterioration, because angiogenesis after use, encounter a hot day will become too red and have this illusion.

Aging skin through Vintamin-A acid conditioning, ruddy skin delicate, visible young. But human aging is an inevitable fact, you can only delay or minor improvements, if only Vintamin-A acid help, and didn't compare with other cosmetic raw material to prevent bask in maintenance, of course, in the absence of Vintamin-A acid support, it will show your true colors, even more old!

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