Antioxidant Anti Aging

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Nature has blessed human beings a plenty of amenities which are useful in curing our health related problems. It has been observed that not only the people of elderly age group but people who are in their young ages like in twenties or thirties do suffer from skin care problems. Dryness, itching, acne marks, wound patches, brown spot skin pigmentation, etc. are all frequently observed problems.

Buying an anti-aging serum or a skin care cream may seem to be an obvious proposed solution. However, nothing is best then going for natural alternatives or green solutions. Herbal body products are quite largely demanded by people seeking for best anti-aging body lotion for their health.

For people, who love to know more about home based remedial measures for the treatment of their skin can go for making herbal body lotion recipes. The benefit of making herbal lotions at home is that, it not only helps you in saving money, but also you can add the extracts of natural oils you want to have in the composition of your body lotion.

Although, there are multiple number of natural produce which can be utilized for body lotion making. Though, a natural source which is adequate for both oily and dry skin are only a few. The flower Lavender is one out of those few exceptionally good natural products which can be best utilized to make an effective body lotion. The essential oils of Lavender possess anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.


Most of the people often ask in their beauty queries that, what will happen on their skin, if they use the homemade herbal body lotion in the excessive quantity than required. Well, there is a positive characteristic about lavender body lotion, that even if you use this lotion more than the required quantity, there will be no side effects on your skin at all.

To prepare this body lotion take few drops of Lavender essential oils, food grade vegetable glycerin and cocoa butter. Now, pierce the outer covering of Vitamin-E supplement capsules and mix the content inside with the already prepared mixture.

Apart from Lavender, Aloe-Vera is also a good natural produce which is ideal for both dry and oily skin type. If you add some shea butter in the few drops of Aloe Vera juice, and eventually mix it with Vitamin E capsule ingredient, the mixture prepared can be used as a daily care body lotion.

Some people often ask that, why there is a need to add Vitamin E capsule supplements while preparing home based body lotions. These supplements are the preservatives which also possess anti-bacterial properties and prevent the lotion to get deteriorated. Hence, it will help you to retain your efforts which you put to make effective skin care product.

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