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Aging is a natural process it can be retarded but not stopped. In modern days looking old is a bad word and not acceptable even to the elderly. Most people like to imbibe the lifestyle of the celebrities who keep in touch with the latest trends in fashion and medicine. The interviews are closely followed and those in public who can afford anti aging procedures go through it to lead a fuller life.

Anti aging conference are held periodically at different destinations in the USA and other advanced countries. The latest research findings are shared and applied to patients with the best of the results. This medical field falls under the title of preventive medicine. The participants includes


  • Academicians
  • Scientist
  • Doctors
  • Beauticians
  • Film fraternity
  • Gerontologists
  • Health care workers
  • Spa and clinic owners
  • Practicing physicians
  • Heath care workers
  • endocrinologist

The clinical information imparted is open to discussion and experience sharing. The pooling of scientific knowledge takes place here. The details of the Anti aging conference outcome are shared further by publication in relevant journals before the knowledge is applied in the field. There is an enrollment fees to be paid to become a participant in this conference. All staying arrangements are made by the hosting institute. The mode of information is transmitted through lectures video, film etc. The base line of information is the metabolic disorders arising out of aging and how to prevent and delay it for longer duration. Such conferences have become a necessity because with medical advancement the longevity of life has gone up and it is essential that the elderly lead a more fruitful life in jobs and at work. They are shunned being old. The appearance makes a lot of difference and a younger looking elder is more acceptable in day to day living.

The area of research as of now based on medical feedback is insulin resistance, obesity, heart disease, diet management for such conditions and skin wrinkles and heath for a younger looking skin. The hormone restoration methods and research findings is an important component of the conference. The legal implication of these methods is also included. The innovative medical procedures require not only information but also training as well. The training sessions are separately planned. The personalized methods thus get adapted with precautions. The heath has to be stable before therapy for a younger look is applied. The conference is followed by question answer session. Patient management in all cases is very vital.

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