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HGH (Human growth hormone) is released by the pituitary gland which is a small gland located at the base of the brain and this controls growth and metabolism. Our bodies naturally secrete growth hormone, but around age 40 the pituitary gland slows down secreting this hormone and as a result aging symptoms become more noticeable.

Some people use HGH as an anti-aging, others to increase stature and others for muscle growth. HGH comes in many different presentations and here, we are going to talk about the ones that are currently on the market.

HGH Oral Sprays have a big advantage on the straight delivery into the bloodstream which is transmitted to hormones where they are needed most. One of the other advantages is that it works faster than pills and it can help to repair the living cells. Regularly, the positive effects take between one to six months to manifest.

HGH Boosters are supplements that can stimulate the production of natural growth hormones in the body. HGH boosters can help to maintain a better body buildup and also improved stamina.


HGH Pills are the nutritional supplement that can activate the pituitary gland to produce more levels of HGH so that one can feel fitter, healthier and active. The pills contain beneficial ingredients and these combined together can help to boost the HGH levels.

HGH Injections are the fastest of all. These are medically tested and they were found to be the most beneficial way of taking growth hormone in humans. The HGH injection formulations make it easier and faster for the human body to adapt to the effects of these hormones. The use of HGH injections is also made in the medical treatment of patients that suffer from genetic growth disorders. According to clinical studies, the injectable HGH form is effective in weight loss, muscles and bones growth, improving the condition of the skin, providing a better focus and great memory, boosting energy and improving sexual drive and many other benefits. It is said that it also improves the immune system and the overall body function. Also, it has been stated that HGH injections provide the mentioned benefits quite fast.

Oral HGH sprays have a disadvantage because even though they are easier to use they have revealed that the use of the actual compounds in the spray have very low and unsatisfactory results. On the other hand, pills and boosters can have some consequences of boosting testosterone levels and the side effects could be severe or even life-changing. The long term use of HGH testosterone boosters is not recommended because of some health complications that could occur as a result.

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