Best Moisturizer For Anti Aging

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When the wrinkles deepen, only drastic and costly wrinkles methods like Botox injection and facelift are effective. Yet the effect of some of these expensive methods is temporary and requires regular treatment to maintain the youthful look. This can easily cost thousand of dollars every year.

Usually it is more justifiable to seek invasive wrinkles removal method when the facial lines are deep. But why think of eliminating the wrinkles? Instead, shouldn't prevention be better than cure? At the minimum, shouldn't we reduce the lines when we still can? If you agree with me, then facial exercises to prevent wrinkles and fine lines may be an option you can consider. Regardless of your age, you can start doing facial exercises any time. For those free from wrinkles, the exercises delay the facial lines from appearing. And for those already with wrinkles, facial exercises prevent new one from forming and reduce the appearance of existing ones.

Why are facial exercises effective for wrinkle prevention and elimination? Just like exercising other part of our body, facial exercises tone muscles so that they are elastic and strong enough to withstand sagging and folding. Thus wrinkles are less likely to show up. And for those facial lines which are already there, the exercises can help to reduce their appearance with possibility of eliminating them altogether.


There are more positive effects of facial exercises than you can imagine on top of what we have discussed. Facial exercises near the eyes also eliminate puffy eyes, eye bags and dark circles by improving the blood circulation in this area. The best part about facial exercises is that it's free. The rest of the wrinkle prevention or elimination methods cost money range from the affordable wrinkle creams to the costly cosmetic procedures.

Also facial exercises give you the flexibility to do it during any time of the day. Even when you are working in the office, you can spend a couple of minutes to work on your facial muscles without your colleagues noticing it. There is no age restriction either. You can do it if you are in your twenties, thirties and even sixties. In fact, facial exercise also help to get eliminate the “plump look” by eliminating facial fat as well.

By coupling facial exercises with regular massage can prevent and eliminate wrinkles more effectively. With better blood circulation means that the oxygen and nutrients can better nourish the skin cells. It is estimated that up to ten times more oxygen reaches the skin cells with facial exercise and massage. Moreover, during facial exercising the old and damaged cells are removed from the face allowing cream and moisturizer to better absorbed into the skin.

Is there a drawback with facial exercise? In a way, yes. You need to have the discipline and patience to do it consistently to reap its benefits. Doing it once per week is not going to help much. In order for facial exercises to prevent and eliminate wrinkles effectively, it is recommended to do it at least 3 times per week. Yet it is worth your time and effort especially if wish to look a few years younger than your actual age.

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