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There are plenty of reasons you want to eat the right foods, but the topmost is that they offer a range of anti aging benefits. Troubled by wrinkles? Eat foods rich in antioxidants. Notice dry skin? Eat foods that have healthy fats. There are many other reasons you want to eat a diet rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Here are some foods that offer health benefits for skin.

Yes, the juicy orange, with its refreshing aroma, is also a health food that does wonders for the skin. It contains vitamin C, which is needed for maintain collagen production. Collagen tissue supports skin, and keeps it from collapsing and causing the appearance of wrinkles.

Carrots contain vitamin A, which help you in achieving a glowing complexion. Fruits and vegetables that are yellow, in general, are rich in vitamin A. Another source of this vitamin would be pumpkin. If you are in the habit of shoving carrot slices off your plate, now would be the right time to learn to love them, or to use carrot innovatively in recipes such as salads and sandwiches, to make them taste delicious.

If you are feeling hungry and crave a midmorning snack, there is nothing quite like a few walnuts, or almonds if you prefer, for a tasty snack. Walnuts contain healthy fatty acids known as omega III, that help the skin remain hydrated, and also, are good for the heart. If you are fond of seafood, certain types of fish such as salmon would also be adequate for supplying these fatty acids.


Eggs are a source of proteins and zinc, both required for healthy skin. Zinc deficiency often results in acne and other skin disorders, therefore, foods rich in zinc are recommended to prevent many skin related problems. For vegans, beans such as red kidney beans, are recommended.

Green tea
This almost zero calorie beverage contains much by way of antioxidants. Therefore, a cup of green tea will not only soothe you mentally, help you relax, but also, help you fight off wrinkles. Antioxidants have many anti aging properties, because they help slow down the degeneration of skin cells.

We are what we eat. Because diet has such a big role to play in our health, particularly the health of our skin it is important to have the right diet. You might also want to use homemade face packs to improve your skins tone and texture. Egg whites can be beaten into a uniform consistency and then applied to the skin, to firm it up, and remove blackheads. Another popular face mask is made of whisked cream, to help dry skin take in more moisture.

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