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I will only be discussing 3 of the most common causes of the aging today. Park 2 will be coming soon.

Skin is a highly metabolic tissue which possesses the largest surface area in the body and serves as the protective layer for internal organs. It is also a major candidate and target of oxidative stress. It is designed to give both physical and biochemical protection, and is equipped with a large number of defense mechanisms.

Although Oxidative Stress may be one of the most frequent causes of aging, there are others, these are the most prevalent constants when it comes to the aging of your skin, they are far from the only factors contributing the speed and severity of decaying health. Luckily for us there are ways to protect ourselves from the ancillary causes of skin decay to help slow and possibly reverse the effects of these factors. Listed below are the most common supplemental causes of the breakdown of vital skin cells so you can be more aware of the damaging effects of your surroundings.

1. Sun Exposure:

The sun will have one of the most damaging effects on your skin because of the UV rays from the sun, even when the sun is not out, the UV rays can still have a harmful effect on your skin. It is no secret that overexposure to the sun's rays is not healthy for you, most notably evident through the ever-common sunburn. But being exposed to the sun for extended periods of time has far more serious consequences than simple sunburn. UV rays actively damages the structure of your skin, a process which your pigment can only protect you from for a limited amount of time. Once this happens the sun speeds the process of aging by causing elastosis (degeneration of elastic tissue) and breaking down the foundations in your skin that keep it firm, causing fine lines and wrinkles. This is why it is so vital to use some kind of UV protection, not just when you are planning a long day outside but also on a day-to-day basis to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun at all times.


2. Cigarette smoke:

Whether you smoke, or you spend time with a smoker, cigarette smoke is damaging — and aging — to your skin. Research has shown that exposure to cigarette smoke significantly increases skin wrinkles and dryness. This is partly due to the behavior of smoking, and also because cigarette smoke depletes your body of Vitamin C, which is a key ingredient for keeping skin plump and moist.

Some researchers believe that exposure to cigarette smoke (whether you smoke or not) is as damaging to aging skin as exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays

3. Sugar

Controlling your diet is key in the preservation of your skin's appearance. Over intake of sugar can increase the speed at which your skin visibly ages in addition to its other negative effects. Your body needs glucose for many vital processes but too much and your body doesn't know how to effectively handle it all. This can lead to a more rapid aging process and unhealthy skin as well as weight gain so make sure you monitor what you are eating if you want to have more radiant, youthful skin for longer. Learn more at my website in the autor section.

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