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Staying fit forever is what most of us dream for, but really few manages to make that dream true. If you are one of them, who want to stop the ticking clock of age, go and grab a copy of Forever Young Forever Fit written by Nik Helbig. In this book, Nik Helbig has disclosed the secrets of anti-ageing. Let's have a look at 10 ways to stay young mentioned in this book.


  • The Power of Belief:
  • Achieving any goal is not possible unless you believe that it is achievable. The power of belief and positive thinking helps you to achieve the goal of staying fit forever easily.

    • Time is Not on Your Side :

    Understand the importance of time in this battle against ageing. No matter what is your age, the anti-ageing measures mentioned in this book will make you feel and look younger.

    • Move That Body:

    As technology has made our life easy, our level of physical activity has been reduced substantially. To stay fit and young, you have to keep your body moving. Increasing your physical activity will also help you to lose weight.

    • A Stronger Version of Yourself:

    Working out in a right manner will surely result in weight loss and offer numerous health benefits, as well. However, you should know what the proper work out techniques. In this book, Nik Helbig has mentioned easy-to-follow, yet extremely useful exercise practices.


    • Food Glorious Food:

    Your body structure is highly influenced by what you eat. Hence, along with the work out, you also need to pay adequate attention to the food you eat everyday and have to follow experts' diet tips.

    • Build, Don't Burn:

    To get success in anything you do, you need to have a right mindset. You have to program your mind to uphold your motivation and commitment level till the time you achieve your aim of overall fitness.

    • What You See is What You Get:

    A proper dressing is required to maintain a youthful appearance. Your dressing style should be contemporary, and at the same time, your dressing should add charm in your personality.

    • What You Say is What You Get:

    On the basis of anyone's style of speaking, you can make out that person's age. Similarly, if you want to stay young and fit, your language should match your youthful attire and appearance.

    • A Timeless Mind-Set:

    Train your mind to think like a young person, and you will look young. The ageing process first starts up in mind and then has an impact on the body. Learn how you can practice a timeless mindset to stay young.

    • Beat Your Own Drum:

    To get fitness and stay young forever, you need to have the high motivation level. This book works as your motivational force and pushes you towards your goal.

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