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Women usually think that when they reach 50, they can hardly do anything about their wrinkles, crow's feet, and fine lines. The truth is that they can. An anti aging cream can help.

Wrinkles do not form overnight. They have been forming gradually over the years, but you ignored it. Had you taken care of them right from the beginning, your skin would have been smooth today.

It is no use crying over spilled milk

The best thing you can do is start using wrinkle creams as soon as possible. They help your skin cells to rejuvenate, no matter what the age is. You can still restore the firmness of your skin. This, combined with a healthy lifestyle and daily skin care, such as cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, works wonders in getting back your youth.

The secret to good skin

When you reach 50, your skin produces less amount of natural oil. This holds particularly true when you reach menopause. Your body experiences hormonal changes once again. The skin tends to get drier and more prone to forming wrinkles.

Moisturizing is a must at this age. Keeping your skin hydrated firms up its texture and makes fine lines unnoticeable. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends taking short showers of 10 minutes, keeping your skin well-covered in freezing weather, and using dehumidifiers in the room. This keeps the moisture trapped in your skin.


The academy also suggests protecting your skin from sun rays. This is not the age to bathe under the sun without a sunscreen. In fact, no age is right for direct sun exposure. Always apply sunscreen before stepping out in the sun or visiting the beach.

Avoiding sunbathing on the beach for long hours is definitely helpful. Some of the top anti aging wrinkle creams contain sun protecting agents in their formula.

Your skin needs your help!

The skin at the age of 50 becomes incapable or slow in its self-rejuvenation. You need to use external creams, to hasten its rejuvenation process. If you ignore it, layers of dead skin cells will continue to form on the surface, dulling your complexion and damaging your skin structure.

Dead cells may block pores. It may trap dirt and bacteria, worsening your complexion and skin texture.

Along with an anti aging cream, use a good exfoliant and cleanser to continue the cell rejuvenation process in your skin.

Use a night cream. It helps to repair your skin's structure and mechanism while you are asleep. A good AM and PM cream does the trick. If you notice under-eye bags, get a good under eye cream. Do not use the same facial wrinkle cream for under eye area. This area is delicate. You must use a formulation, specifically designed for the under eye area.

The 50's is the age to rejoice whatever you have achieved in life. Do not let the wrinkles and dull skin spoil your happiness and confidence. Remember, you get old only in the mind. Use a good anti aging cream and let the world guess your age.

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