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Everyone hates it, but as we grow older, our bodies just are not what they once were. We lose muscle, put on weight, cholesterol levels skyrocket, and our energy levels drop and become less interested in having sex. These are all some pretty harsh realities of getting old. However though, it does not have to be like this. With proper eating habits, a tad bit of exercise each week and a natural growth hormone releaser, people can defeat the effects of getting older; and that is great news!

So what is GH or HGH as it is called anyhow? Well you see, it is a very important hormone that is made within the body before we are ever born. Its most crucial responsibility is in the area of repairing cells, regenerating cells and also growth. Children who do not have enough GH do not grow and adults who do not have enough GH become lethargic, weaker and for the most part display all of the signs of getting older as I stated before.

There was a time the only way to fight against the side effects of growing older was to either kill-over (LOL!) or to take a prescription growth hormone releaser. Now however, the problem with this is, first off you have to try to find a physician that will even write a script, then you have to pay out some extraordinary money for these shots; and then it is really not known as to what the side effects long term of these artificial hormones really are. It's known that growth hormone can actually cause diabetic problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, thickening of the skull and there have been links to cancer. I myself just do not believe it is worth the possible risks.


So why are synthetic growth hormone releasers not worth the trouble? Well these days there are natural growth hormone releaser products available, and they're all natural and do not come with any of the risks like the synthetic GH does. Let us also not forget, they cost a mere fraction of the price as the prescription medications that you must get from your MD. The greatest thing about these all-natural supplements could be the simple fact that you don't have to worry about them making your head bigger! That is a huge win in my book!

Now before you take off to the doc and ask him to to give you a script for the costly and synthetic injectable HGH; you need to take a look at the all-natural growth hormone releaser products that are available. It could actually save you a ton of cash, needles and most of all side effects in years to come! (Don't forget about that head?)

And as always, be sure to discuss with your MD before you start any new supplements! It is so important; and especially if you have medical problems or are taking any prescriptions. Learn about natural growth hormone supplements and what natural growth hormone products may do for you! Add muscle, improve sex drive and more!

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