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Undergoing cosmetic surgery is indeed a major decision for anyone If you are giving some thoughts to getting such surgery done on you, don't miss out on these five questions. Ask these questions to your cosmetic surgeon or consultant to ensure how the process would be executed, what all you can expect from it and how would you recover.

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Are you certified?

A surgeon must be certified by the institution governing professional medical practice and conduct. This reflects a surgeon's training, experience and commitment to patient's safety. Through such certifications, you are assured that your surgery would be performed by a qualified doctor in a safe clinical setting.

If you visit a surgeon, inquire about his/her cosmetic surgery training and experience.

How frequently do you perform the procedure (s)?

It is common for cosmetic surgeons to specialize in certain types of procedures, such as facial cosmetic surgery, dermal fillers in Bondi. What you need to understand is how long the procedure would last.


What type of anesthesia will you receive, and who will give it?

This question would help you prepare physically and mentally for a safe, smooth procedure. Anesthesia is given depending on the nature of the procedure and patient's needs. Both local anesthesia (usually performed with the patient under sedation) and general anesthesia are safe when given by a qualified surgeon. Local anesthesia offers a few advantages, such as a shorter initial recovery; on the other hand, general anesthesia is used for more complex procedures including abdominoplasty, a full facelift, or when multiple procedures are being performed. You can approach a reputed Cosmetic Skin Clinic in Sydney to get more information.

Further, you need to know about the person who will be administering your anesthesia. This person should be a board certified physician anesthesiologist or a certified registered nurse anesthetist.

What will the recovery be like?

With this question, you need to understand the details of the recovery process so that you can determine whether this is the right time for you to undergo a cosmetic procedure. Further, you should ask your cosmetic surgeon how much time you can expect to resume your daily activities such as work, childcare, and exercise.

What will be the total cost of my procedure?

Don't hesitate asking about the total cost of your treatment. Depending upon a patient's condition, the total price for any surgical procedure may include surgeon's fees, anesthesia, operating room expenses, and any materials involved in the treatment.

Approach a reputed cosmetic skin clinic in Sydney to get all your questions regarding skin treatment answered.

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