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With every passing moment, the human age increases. While we acquire precious memories from the passing time, we leave behind the freshness of our skin and the elasticity of our body. However, many celebrities manage to remain timeless. And, the best part is that they do not hesitate to share the secret!

These tips, combined with the latest research have made it all the more convenient for everyone to enliven their skin. Listed below are some tips that actually fight for your age and can help you look and feel younger than your age.

1. The Very First Is Your Mindset:

Research shows that serious aging normally occurs at the cellular level. Our healthy life style habits like proper nutrition, regular exercise, 8 hours sleep, and ability to manage stress, enhances our body's ability to repair the cellular damage.

Most of all, it leaves impact on your skin. Dark eye circles, black heads, white heads, pimples and blotches are only a few examples of the skin dilemma you are likely to encounter due to unhealthy life style.

2. Exercise is the Core:

There are two types of exercises that you can do to keep yourself healthy and glowing.

Aerobic Exercise: This exercise can dramatically increase circulation throughout your body and helps in strengthening the heart and lungs. It also aids in digestion, enhances quality of sleep and helps reduce stress and anxiety. Getting rid of anxiety means no under eye circles or wrinkles.

Training for Strength: It helps to build bone mass and thus can prevent and slow down the osteoporosis. Strength training is also very effective in maintaining a healthy body weight and an attractive youthful figure. It also escalates elasticity in your skin.


3. Top-Notch Life Style Activities:

Activities such as gardening, tennis, bowling and golf involve both physical and mental stimulation that helps to keep our bodies and mind young. Experts suggest that the more you move, the better your body and mind learns to cope up with any mishaps and unusual circumstances.

4. Your Face Is The Mirror Of Your Diet:

Take a proper diet. The power of nutrition helps you get over illness; it enhances your complexion and boosts the immune system of your body.

Moreover, vitamins are very important for your health and fitness. If your concern is maintaining fresh skin, some vitamins and Polyphenols are very beneficial for your face and appearance with their superb effects.

Vitamin A: It is normally found in broccoli, sweet potatoes, asparagus, green leafs (such as kale or spinach), yellow, red and orange produce (such as bell peppers, cantaloupe or carrots).Vitamin E: Vitamin E is found in vegetable oils, spinach, tomato products, seeds and nuts.Vitamin C: Strawberries, kiwifruit, oranges, pineapple, broccoli, red bell peppers, cauliflower and cantaloupe are very good source of vitamin C.Polyphenols: Cocoa, green tea and dark chocolate are some of the vital polyphenols.

5. Take Plenty Of Sleep:

If you do not take proper sleep, you may notice very clear signs of sleep deprivation on your face. There may be pallor on your skin and bags under your eyes, which are likely to make you look older. Moreover, individuals, who normally sleep less than 6 hours, are at risk of viral infections, obesity, heart disease, stroke, and decline in mental efficiency.

6. Stay Away From Smoking and Limit Your Alcohol Intake:

It is undoubtedly a fact that smoking and alcohol accelerates the aging process and shorten the lifespan. There are also many diseases associated with smoking and alcohol, which includes emphysema, decreased lung capacity, and heart disease. Smoking also has other adverse effects such as yellowing of teeth, wrinkles around lips, and aging skin.

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