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Practically every few days there is a new breakthrough beauty and care product released into the market. And every few months, you can almost always see another new anti-wrinkles cream hitting the shelves. Regardless of the beauty and care product, each will always claim to be better in a way or another compare to the existing products in the market. But unknown to most consumers, a few are synthesized with strong chemicals that may harm the face and body. While there are no obvious short term side effects, the long term effects remain unknown.

In the search to reduce or even remove wrinkles from the face and neck, we often neglect our health and body. While looking youthful and beautiful is every woman's dream, there is little meaning to a pretty face if we are adding toxins to our body every day with the anti-wrinkles product that is suppose to return us youth and radiant skin.

Bit by bit in small quantity, the toxins enter our body. Over the years, it adds up to become fairly substantial. Of course we get rid of the toxins through excretion. However, almost always the net value is a positive accumulation of toxins. Depending on how extensively we use these beauty and care products, the positive accumulation may be huge or little.

Because our body can tolerate a certain level of toxin, most of us will not end up falling sick. However, as the level continues to rise, the toxins can show up as other health symptoms or diseases like tiredness, overweight, acne, dry and scaly skin. Take note that these are not the comprehensive list of symptoms or diseases that may be caused by the toxins. There can be others. Furthermore, manifestation of these symptoms and diseases may not be due to toxins from the beauty care products as well.

One way is to use the anti-wrinkles creams for a few months and stop for 1 to 2 weeks to allow the body to eliminate these toxins through the natural process before using the cream again. So basically, it is a balancing act to stay healthy yet youthful at the same time.


This can be a tedious and cumbersome since every few weeks, you will need to adjust yourself to a new skin care regime. Furthermore, you'll need to constantly remember when to start or stop using the cream which is a burden.

The more practical way is to use organic wrinkles cream. The key difference between organic wrinkles cream and those commonly available off the shelves is that organic wrinkles cream is practically free from chemical. As the name suggest, organic wrinkles creams are made from natural and organic ingredients that has never come into contact with chemical. This makes them safe on the skin with almost no risk of adding toxins into your body.

Isn't organic wrinkles cream expensive? Indeed they cost more. This is because processing and turning natural products into wrinkles creams require long and tedious processing. But how much is your health worth? Do you think it is more than a couple of hundreds of dollars yearly? Definitely.

As for its effectiveness, more and more scientific studies have reported that organic wrinkles creams are far more superior to those chemically synthesized products.

Certainly, with less wrinkles, we not only look young but also regain our appeal and confidence. Indeed, nothing is worth it if you need to compromise your health. Why not turn to organic wrinkles cream instead if you can afford it. That way, you eliminate the possibility of putting dangerous chemical into your body yet achieve the goal of looking young and pretty.

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