Natural Anti Aging Cream

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Its a fact of life that we are all going to age and the more we kick and scream about that fact, the more likely that the signs of aging will appear more noticeable. We can embrace our “twilight” years and welcome the changes that will occur as a result, but our skin does not have to beat us to the door.

There are all kind of creams and serums that we can lather on our skin to stop the signs of aging, or so they say, but most of these are hype and do nothing more than to separate us from our disposable cash. A more tried and true alternative is the introduction of anti-aging antioxidants into our systems which are designed to all us to age gracefully.


Aging is part of the natural order of things and certainly a whole lot better than the alternative; however, I believe that most of us would agree that we would enjoy the aging process a whole lot more if our body kept up with our mind. It seems that with each passing year, we notice a new ache or pain, or are aware of more physical limitations that keep us from enjoying activities that we once took for granted. Of course there are those handfuls (okay perhaps more than a handful) of people who seem to have discovered a way to keep the aging at bay and dance, and exercise and play sports with those half their age. They are in the minority, however. There is no doubt that they eat healthy and exercise but there is some element of good genes associated with their good fortune as well. For the rest of us, we can move one step closer to being like them by the introduction of anti-aging antioxidants into our diet.

Plants and plant nutrients, it has been discovered, are key in delaying the aging process. Fruit, vegetables, and plant extracts have an array of chemical constituents that are hugely beneficial to skin health and beauty. These chemical constituents are not those put on them by producers and growers in order to make them more enticing in the grocery store. Rather, plants contain phytochemicals which confer characteristics like color, and which aid the plant by providing an attractive beacon to passing bees to help in pollination. They also may offer a protective effect to the plant to prevent insects from harming it or repel grazing animals. Now, they have been found to have benefits for human health because it is these chemicals that make fruit and vegetables so much more valuable than simply the macro nutrients like vitamin C.

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