Revitol Anti Aging Cream

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The natural ageing process causes wrinkles and lines to appear on our faces. The freshness of youthful skin is replaced by dryness which is thinner and less elastic. The intrinsic ageing cannot generally be avoided and is influenced greatly by genetic factors. It is mostly the extrinsic factors of ageing that can be controlled by skin rejuvenation therapy in London. These include the effects of environment and our lifestyle. These extrinsic factors can cause it to age more quickly than they should. The sun for example can dry out our skin and cause it to age prematurely. Therefore protecting the skin by applying sunscreen ointments, sitting in the shade, or covering up the skin with clothing is important.

Ways To Avoid Premature Ageing Of Skin

Some other ways of avoiding premature ageing other than skin rejuvenation therapy in London is by avoiding smoking and not exposing the skin to UV rays. A healthy balanced diet helps to maintain the moisture and freshness of our skin for a longer time. Alcohol also contributes to drying of the skin, which is why people who wish to have healthy skin are required to have moderate intake of alcohol. Care including gentle washing to remove perspiration as well as application of facial moisturizer helps to preserve the moisture.


Benefits Of Mesotherapy Versus Other Cosmetic Procedures

Skin rejuvenation Mesotherapy tries to restore the youthfulness and vitality by injecting tiny quantities of vitamins, natural extracts, homeopathic medicines, and pharmaceuticals into the skin. Cellulite caused by fat deposits gives a lumpy, uneven, and dimpled appearance to our skin and this can be removed by Mesotherapy. Mesotherapy helps to break down the fat deposits and in the process helps the patient to lose some weight. The advantage here versus other procedures like liposuction is that the fat deposits are flushed out of the body. It is also very effective for sagging skin and to rejuvenate the skin on our neck and hands.

Mesotherapy, an Effective Tool For Cosmetic Dermatologists

The benefits of Mesotherapy are that it avoids the expenses of hospitalization and general anesthesia. Mesotherapy in London uses this method to promote collagen formation and increase blood flow to the area. It is used in the treatment of multiple illnesses and medical conditions and is especially popular in the treatment of cosmetic conditions like wrinkles and scars, as well as stretch marks. Some cosmetic dermatologists even use it to contour fat in the body. The effectiveness of Mesotherapy lies in the skill of the practitioner and the combination of drugs used. It is especially effective in spot reduction of fat in areas such as love handles, double chins, or other specific areas on the body.

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