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Chronological aging is inevitable. Everyone grows old with the passing second. However, the physiological aging can be controlled by paying special attention to the lifestyle. In today's fast-paced life, the body is neglected and an emphasis is given to work. However, it should be the opposite. Maintaining a proper and healthy lifestyle can help in slowing down the aging process and feeling young.

Read on to find some lifestyle changes that can lead to a younger skin and body.

Grab enough Sleep

After working the whole day, the body needs rest. Thus, proper sleep is essential to rejuvenate the body and keep the neurological processes in sync. Inadequate sleep can lead to faster aging and cognitive troubles. Uneven pigmentation, fine lines, and reduced skin elasticity can result if sleeping hours are cut down. Though required sleeping hours vary with age, seven to eight hours sleep is considered adequate.

Exercise every day

Lack of mobility due to long desk-work hours can lead to aging. Exercising is the best way to keep the body fit and moving. It builds bone mass and makes the heart efficient by the proper flow of blood and oxygen in the body. Serotonin, an anti-depressant, is released by brain on exercising. Thus, through exercise all the body functions remain effective and slow down aging. Short burst workouts can be preferred to reduce fat and positively affect the whole body.


Include nutritious food in diet

By watching what goes inside the body, aging can be slowed down. Including nutritious food in the diet leads to fulfillment of all minerals, vitamins and other requirements of the body. If body gets the essential nutrients, it becomes easy for it to function and age slowly. Taking green tea, nuts, omega-3s, and food lower in added sugar, etc. can slow down the physiological aging.

Take less stress

On an average, people who take less stress live 7.5 years longer. Researchers studying longevity have stated that sense of direction and purpose in life leads to a stress-free and thus, a healthy life. One way to reduce stress could be to pray or meditate. This soothes the mind and gives calmness. Being grateful and keeping a positive attitude also help in reducing stress.

Take up an outdoor sport

Activities or sports that are enjoyable and not stressful, help in improving the immune system. The thrill of taking up an adventure or outdoor sport brings along a special enthusiasm which makes one feel happier and satisfied. One should never compromise on physical activity for work or anything else because work can be done only with a healthy body. These activities generally involve the formation of teams. Thus, one can form a healthy social life too while maintaining a healthy body.

In order to keep the body active and maintain required levels of nutrients, supplements are recommended. Dhea drugs can be taken as supplements in order to fight the effects of aging and strengthen the immune system. Such supplements, when combined with focus on natural methods, can easily combat aging.

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