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From the time you hit 20, you will find that your skin begins to naturally age. This is apparent as the skin cells on your face begin to die and are not replaced as quickly as they did when you were younger. With that, collagen production starts to slow and your skin begins to lose its elasticity. This then produces the visible signs of skin aging like wrinkles, fine lines and even sagging skin.

When you look at the aging process of your skin, you are going to notice that certain things will increase the chances that you do experience advanced aging. Many of these contributors are things you will have no control over, but others can be stopped to slow down the aging process.

Gravity is one of those things that we cannot change. By the time you reach your 50s, you will begin to see the long term effect of gravity start to appear on your face. This will include things like falling eyelids, drooping ears and even your nose will be affected.

If you enjoy spending time out in the sun, you can thank the UV rays on your skin for causing those aging concerns. This is especially the case if you aren't protecting your skin with a good sunscreen. Some of the most common skin problems that appear are:


Skin cancer
Age Spots
Crow's feet
Rough Skin

Over time, these problems can continue to worsen and you will begin to look older than you actually are. While you may think that tanning bed is an exception to the rule, some studies suggest the intensity of the UV rays in these beds can actually be worse on your skin than natural sunlight.

Smoking is not only a bad habit, but it will also help to speed up the aging process of your skin. Most smokers end up with yellow skin and it does cause wrinkles and lines to appear on your face. To offset this problem, you will want to be sure that you do quit smoking as soon as possible and begin a regiment as prescribed by your dermatologist.

With all these concerns, you do need to understand that there is Intrinsic aging as well. This is the normal set of changes that the body goes through because of genetics. For some people, this means that they can begin to show signs of skin aging and greying in their early 20s, while others may not see these signs until they are in their 40s. Because of this, you should begin to explore the skincare options that are available to you and begin using them as soon as possible.

Skin aging is a part of life and we all need to deal with it. What you will need to decide now is what you will do about it. While choosing to age naturally is certainly one of the choices you will have, there is no reason why you can't begin to embrace skin care options and slow down the aging process.

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