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Folks connect wrinkles to reduced vigor and vitality, and as this has become an eyesore to many folks. Cosmetically, wrinkles are also very unpleasant to catch a glimpse of, specially if they are too apparent and many. This perception about wrinkles is much more common for individuals who are in their forties and fifties.


As a person matures, his skin and tissues below it begin to sag. Under the skin is a combination of connective and fatty tissues called adipose tissue. With age, the amount of adipose layer beneath the skin lessens, and the skin becomes less elastic, forcing it to tackle a crumpled appearance. The result is loose, sagging skin called wrinkles.


Aside from age, there are elements that add to developing wrinkles. According to studies, smoking has been shown to accelerate the maturing process of the skin. The reason might be due to the changes in the amount of blood supply to the skin.


UV Light

A potentially even more severe source of wrinkles is exposure to UV light. Ultraviolet light speeds up the aging process and has actually been identified as the primary reason of very early wrinkling. When the skin is subjected to UV rays, its connective tissues–collagen and elastin fibers in the deeper layers of the skin–get broken. As the supporting connective tissues are lost, the skin loses its strength and pliability. The skin then starts to form ridges and furrows, giving rise to wrinkles.

Before, there were no conceivable means to cure or turn around this issue. Nonetheless, with the birth of face lift, wrinkles can now be lessened or even totally taken out. Surgeons correct wrinkles by cutting away the extra skin remains, and with skin tightening approaches enables the skin to get back its vibrant look.

Wrinkles can now also be remedied through a non surgical face lift. This procedure includes the application of heat to the deeper layers of the skin in order to trigger a “treatment reaction”, stimulating an increased manufacturing of collagen. The main advantage of this approach is that no laceration is necessary to achieve skin regeneration.

Although one can not avoid these factors that trigger wrinkles, modern-day technology has actually paid for folks the option to address wrinkles once they surface. So if you realize that your wrinkles are getting the better of you, then a face lift might be simply what you are searching for. You can learn more about age-related skin problems on

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