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What do the pop magnate Simon Cowell and former footballer Paul Gascoigne have in common? The answer is that both have recently been open about their use of Botox as an anti-ageing treatment, and evidence shows that they are part of a growing trend.

Beauty treatment centres such as the Aesthetic Beauty Centrehave seen a marked increase in the number of men seeking cosmetic procedures, including Botox and others to combat ageing. It seems that, like women, men are refusing to accept that fine lines and wrinkles are inevitable, and now see low-level intervention as a natural part of maximising their appearance.

Dr Ash Dutta, a cosmetic surgeon at the practice, said: “It's about freshening you up. We get models, yummy mummies, older mums and grandparents, and now, a lot more men. We started practising in 2000 and the male-to-female ratio was one to ten. Now about 30 per cent of our patients are men, and most men are quite open about it.”

A quick and easy procedure, Botox involves a fine needle being inserted into the muscle beneath the skin. A small quantity of the protein is injected, causing the muscle to relax and thus reducing the wrinkling effect. It's relatively painless – just a brief pin prick – and within three to seven days, you should see the results.


Skin appears smoother, more even and younger, and if you're not satisfied, The Aesthetic Beauty Centre offers the chance to come back for a free top-up. The effect lasts for three to four months, and many people are so happy that they return for repeat Botox injections.

Dr Dutta believes that a shift in society has changed people's perceptions of treatments like Botox. “There's no longer a myth that it's for rich people or celebrities,” he said. “It's more acceptable because people judge you by how you look. In the good old days a strong CV and a good word would do you fine, but it's increasingly important to look a certain way.”

With more of us living longer, it also seems that people are less prepared to surrender to the outward signs of old age. We feel fit and healthy, and we want to look young and vibrant too. Now it's common to see older people at the gym and it's no wonder that they want a smooth, wrinkle-free face to match their trim and toned physique. “People want to look how they feel inside,” said Dr Dutta.

If you would like more information on the benefits of Botox then contact the Aesthetic Beauty Centre and we will do our best to advise you on the most appropriate beauty treatment for you.

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