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Are you having a tattoo-regret? And want to remove the artistic work from your skin that you once loved. If so, clear, ink-free skin is easy to get with laser treatment.

When it comes to laser treatment, a number of assumptions probably surround you, making you stuck. Some of those must be true, but trust us, not all are true enough to be trusted. There are a lot of misconceptions about laser tattoo removal that we are going to debunk in this piece of writing. Read on to find what is true and what is just fallacious.

Myth # 1

The darkest colours are hardest to remove

You will be surprised to know that black is the easiest colour to remove. This is because darker colours absorb all wavelengths of laser lights, resulting in easy and fast removal. Meanwhile, lighter shades from family colours of yellow and green are harder to remove.

Myth # 2

Sessions are lengthy

If you think that you would end up waiting for long hours to get laser treatments done, you are harbouring a myths. Actually, the sessions are fast. During these sessions, small light pulses from the laser are made on your tattoo until it is completely removed.

Myth # 3

You have to go for treatment every week

Its true that laser treatment involves a few sessions, but they are scheduled six to eight weeks apart. This gap allows ink to be absorbed by the body, and the skin to be healed.


Myth # 4

The laser beams burn off your tattoo and harm skin

The process is aimed at removing the tattoo you have and not at causing any harm to your skin. A clinician uses a pen-like hand-held piece to deliver pulses of laser light into the tattoo while maintaining high standards of safety. Dont worry; this process wouldnt harm your skin at all. So if you are thinking of deinking your skin, head out for it.

Myth # 5

Partial removal of tattoo is not possible

Lasers that are used are accurate, making it possible to remove one part of the tattoo easily.

Myth # 6

Tattoos on thick-skinned areas are tough to remove You have got a tattoo on your bicep and think it would be tough to get rid of that, it is a falsity. Tattoos on thin skin, the ankle or a finger, are more difficult to remove than those on thick-skinned areas.

Myth # 7

Older tattoos are easier to get removed

On the contrary, older tattoos are comparatively difficult to remove entirely.

If you have any questions regarding laser treatment, approach a clinic offering tattoo removal in Perth to get them answered.

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