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Many people say that wrinkles help to define us as humans while some people will strongly disagree with that assumption. Whatever you think, it certainly cannot be worse than being described as an expressionless person who never smiles, shows anger or elation at any news or the other. Can you imagine living in this word and be devoid of all emotions? Which brings me back to the point i initially made when i mentioned that wrikles help to define us as humans. Having wrinkles is evidence that we as humans do laugh, get angry and are capable of displaying human emotions.

These human traits however are not the only factors that causes undereye wrinkles. Having puffy eyes and carrying bags under the eyes is as a result of fluid buildup underneath the eye. This excessive build up sometimes leads to severe wrinkles.

Age is also another factor that contributes to undereye wrinkles. As you age, the skin no longer has the ability to produce and restore collagen and elasticin, two important protein that is needed for the elasticity of the skin. Once this has occured then wrinkles will start to develop.

Another factor that causes undereye wrinkles is squinting the eyes too much. This generally occurs when you venture out into the sun and you have to squint to adjust to the light. This squinting contributes to wrinkles developing under the eye. However you can try to reduce squinting by simply wearing a sun shade when you do decide to go outside.


Smoking is said to also cause wrinkles as those who engage in the habit generally have to squint their eyes becase of the smoke being released. In addition, the smoke contains chemicals that helps to damage the skin. So quitting smoking habit is a good way to prevent wrinkles from forming up.

You can try to avoid under eye wrinkles by investing in a a few anti wrinkle products as well as wearing proper eyewear when going into the sun.

Having a positive outlook in life is a good plus avoiding wrinkles from worrying and depression. Smile more often.

A healthy lifestyle is the key towards having a radiating and youthful lifespan in our maturing age.

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