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Aging is a kind of normal physiological process, however, aging is the thing which every woman do not want to see. How to tell the aging, there are several obvious signals. There are more and more wrinkles on our face, and there are other signals which will express the aging.

Dirty gut

Do you ever imagine that the intestines are the first place of aging. Because intestines are the most important digestion system inside our body, we could absorb nutrition, and expel toxin and wastes here. Medical experts pointed out that 90% of human disease have something with dirty gut. The poison produced by the constipation for one day is the same with smoking 3 bags of cigarettes. The direct aging of intestines aging is the defecation. The intestines could stored 6.5 kg of defecation at most. A large amount of defecation stored in our intestine, then toxin and wastes can be expelled in time, some even be absorbed again. And because of too much wastes oil, slim waist will become fat belly.

Recommended food, sweet potatoes, grains and rich fiber food


Spine – hunchback

After 35 years old, our spine and lumbar spine start to become old. Every woman want S body figure, but it does not mean that your spine had better become S shape. If your spinal appear scoliosis, it will bring a lot of diseases. Compare women with men, they have more risks to have spinal scoliosis. And girls with spinal scoliosis are really weak, they may gave to lie down on bed for a month after gently move things. Spinal disease may also affect the heart, cerebrovascular diseases and mental health. According to a study, the people who often cross legs are easy to cause lumbar and thoracic pressure distribution. For a long run, it is easy to press spinal nerve. And crossing legs will hinder blood circulation and cause leg varicose veins.

Recommended Diet, add collagen and calcium supplements, sunshine!

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