What Is A Good Anti Aging Cream That Actually Works

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Being a 30 year old girl and that too being single in a metropolitan city can be tough. You get all sorts of questions thrown at you “when are you getting married?” “Haven't you met your match yet?” “What are you waiting for?” and so on. And on top of that your skin is betraying you. As if the world was not already harsh enough, that you need a skin that is slowly losing its vitality and glow! Huh!! Single, depressed and getting old! – Do you think this is my stance in life? Well, you are mistaken! I am today's girl who is earning good, looking after her parents, has a wide circle of friends and speaks her mind. But, yes, my skin is getting old and there are a few fine lines near the eyes! So I decided to try out the anti-ageing skin care products available in the market. After a lot of research work, I decided to try out Olay! Well, it promises to fight the 7 signs of ageing! Well, in my case it did.

And you know what, I am getting married soon and I decided to include this miracle product in my range of cosmetics that I will take to my in-laws place. You can well gauge my mom's reaction when she came to know about this. But, me being me, I refused to budge and had my way. I am a regular user of anti aging for Women products and boy they sure live up to the promise they make. But, yes there are certain things that you need to consider when you decide to buy an anti ageing cream. I also purchased eyelash enhancers for the perfect eye makeup.


Do scourge the market thoroughly. What has suited me, may not suit you. You need to know your skin type. What kind of skin do you have, oily, dry or normal? There are many anti ageing creams that are specifically created for different skin types. Select the one that does justice to your skin. In case you have acnes or rashes, then get them treated first before you opt for these products. Keep your skin clean at all the times. If required visit a good dermatologist. Get your skin tested before you apply any cosmetic.

The best time to apply anti ageing creams is just before you go to sleep. Wash your skin properly with a good face wash. Pat your face dry. Now take a little bit of the cream and apply it evenly on your face. Make sure that your skin has absorbed the cream. As per research, the pores in our skin open up in the night and hence they will soak the cream in a better way thereby ensuring guaranteed results. And the best part is you don't even have to step out. Just buy the cream from an online store. So you are practically taking care of your skin without stepping out of your house at all. Now how cool is that? Go Girl! More power to you!

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