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The process of aging in our bodies is an ongoing thing each day of our journey through life. Stopping the clock is impossible, so we ought to take care of our physical heath on a daily basis. You and I both know that as the process of aging progresses we ought to take various food supplements and vitamins to substitute for diminished bodily chemicals and substances.

Food supplements are regularly required for the simple reason that as we age our food intakes tend to modify and we don't eat as much. Or sometimes we consume more food. As our skin and digestion start to modify, so does vitamin production. To retain the right level of vitamins we may need to take some vitamins and food supplements so that we increase this level to where it should be to keep us happy and healthy as we age.

Lacking enough vitamins can cause cancers and other serious health problems. All of us should be familiar with the food supplements that we need and the manner in which they may help remain safe and healthy. Fundamentally, there are two different kinds of vitamins: the first one is fat-soluble [A, D, E, K]; and the other type can be dissolved in water [B, C, P].

The fat-soluble vitamins – if take too much of – could poison our systems. Our bodies can make vitamins D and K, but the vitamins A and E must come from what we eat or taken as a food supplement to aid in preventing heart disease and some tumors. Thus, it is most urgent that you get the right daily requirement of A, C, and E.


The water-soluble vitamins help the kidneys rid us of our extra substances on a daily basis, therefore it is most important to get the correct dosage on a day-to-day basis. You must talk to a doctor to find out which vitamins and supplements are needed for you. Some natural teas are healthy, they can cleanse the body of poisons. They can be used by both men and women. Plus, you ought to know what kinds of natural tea could cause cramps and lots of BMs.

As time marches on our food intakes change and we tend to eat too little. And the foods we get sometimes don't contain all or enough vitamins in them. Growers are adding fertilizer and chemicals to make crops grow bigger and better, and with so many additives, it may decrease the amount of vitamins that you receive from your diet. Not taking in the right foods or not enough might cause your vitamin level to diminish. Some facts you ought to be cognizant of are that Vitamin D is produced from our exposure to the sun, and as we grow older we tend to be less outside, so by taking extra vitamin D we can help our body's brittle bones and make them stronger.

You might find enough vitamin B-12 by eating the proper kinds of lean pork and chicken, and drinking low-fat milk. Ingesting vitamins B-12 and B-6 helps to diminish the risk of cardiovascular disease. B-12 can aid the red blood cells maintain the nervous system too.

Do you resist making use of vitamins because it's too hard to make them go down? Some of us as we get older who have difficulty swallowing, can stay in good health by taking liquid vitamins. In case you are uncertain what vitamins come as liquids, consult your doctor who may help you to figure out which ones you should take, and inform you if they are in liquid form or not. Some tablets must not be broken because it diminishes their potency, so to remain healthy look for them in liquid form.

A very important factor in healthy aging is to maintain a well-balanced diet three times a day. Swallow your medicines, supplements and vitamins daily as your doctor has prescribed, and continue to enjoy life!

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