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If anti aging wrinkle creams worked like some medical procedure, they would not be regarded as cosmetics, they would be considered medications. Several formulations are clinically tested nowadays, to make them at par with actual medical formulations.


Some of the modern treatments for wrinkles revolve around pantapeptides. They are small clusters of long-chain amino acids that work as chemical messengers in the body. Originally, pentapeptides were used to heal wounds. Later, studies showed that peptides played a vital role in skin cell multiplication for the production of collagen.

Collagen is the key element for elasticity of the skin. It keeps the skin young. When collagen is in plenty, the skin glows with freshness and suppleness. When collagen level decreases, the skin sags and forms lines. It is like a support structure or a pillar. When the support weakens or shrinks, the structure crumbles or limps.

According to researchers, application of peptides topically induces the skin to increase the level of collagen. When the levels are restored, it produces a “filling” effect on the surface and wrinkles become almost invisible. This is the reason why some of the top quality anti aging wrinkle creams contain peptides. A cream devoid of these amino acids may seem ineffective.



Manufacturers never stop at just one thing. They continue to improve their line of products. This is why they have come up with creams that not only contain peptides, but also argireline. The first is palmitoyl pentapeptide and the second is acetyl hexapeptide.

Argireline works like botox. It blocks protein action. However, the difference lies in the fact that botox blocks by destroying the protein, while Argireline simply prevents the protein to connect to the cell. Meanwhile, the palmitoyl pentapeptide helps to reactivate the production of collagen.

This seems more like a medical procedure than a destructive one. You can now get wrinkle creams that have an intelligent mix of peptides and Arigireline, which double their power to work on wrinkles. They work on the root of the cause, rather than just camouflaging wrinkles superficially.

Do you need a prescription for peptide-containing formulations? Of course not! Such creams are easily available online at an affordable rate. Several websites offer a risk-free trial period of a month, so that you get an idea of the cream's working mode and affect of ingredients.

Imagine having two powerful ingredients put together in a single jar of a cream. What if the same jar also contains Hyalyronic Acid, which is present in the body, and Matrixyl 3000? You may not dare to question the cream's efficacy. Four potent ingredients blended together to form a single anti aging cream formulation is excellent for your skin.

Such powerful anti aging wrinkle creams are certainly more medical than cosmetic. They speak of “healing” and “repairing” the skin, so that it simply stimulates its normal mechanism to stay young. The creams neither destroy nor alter any skin element or structure. These are not creams, but elixir for your skin. Buy the best and look your best!

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