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Is aging preventable? It is, if you believe in the ads that readily claim to slow the process of natural aging. But how much is aging under your control? Aren't the ads superficial, overstated, and over represented? Surprisingly they are. The truth is aging is not completely preventable. If you live, you age. If you age, you die one day. But you can of course delay the process, most of the time without necessarily being dependent on artificial cures; but by following a holistic, natural procedures which also includes living live to its fullest.

Be happy – Unless you are completely alienated, live in a no man's land, and there's hardly anything to do for you in life except sleeping and complaining about the system; you can always kick the stress out of your space. Live life to its fullest, appreciate the simple pleasures that come along your way, indulge in meaningful activities like yoga and exercises. The more relaxed and stress-free you are, better are your chances to stay forever young – irrespective of how old you are.

Avoid sugar – Love sugar intakes? It's time you stop it. Sugar is notorious for causing aging and significantly reduces the lifespan in organisms. You must have heard the hardship a diabetic patient has go through all his life once diagnosed with the sweet condition.

Moisture – Your skin is the first reflection of your age. Keep it soft and hydrated and to do that, use a good quality moisture. We would recommend you work with a professional to determine which type of moisture is best suited for your skin.


Sleep – A sleepless night gives you advance worries to save for the next day. Various studies reveal that reduced sleep result in quick aging, let alone the forehead lines, wrinkles, and etc. A 7 – 8 hours sleep is good to keep yourself younger and start everyday fresh. But everyone is different.

Eat fruits – Fruits are a grace for everything they are. They have huge amount of antioxidants, help you keep yourself younger. Vitamin C is very beneficial to supply essential benefits to your skin.

Other smart and simple ways to keep yourself younger

  • Drink red wine
  • Wear sunglasses
  • Eat vegetables
  • Use sunscreen when stepping out
  • Avoid processed foods
  • Drink tea, and don't smoke
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